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I help you see where there are blocks, limiting beliefs and subconscious loops that aren't helping you move forward in life. I use PSYCH-K®, a form of energy psychology, which helps to create real life-changing results.

Teaching you practical tools to help regulate your system. Helping you understand when you are dysregulated. When we are aware of our habits, coping mechanisms and emotional activation we can process them in real time. 

Creating a safe and trustworthy environment. It's important to feel safe and supported when accessing life experiences that have been hard for you. That safety then invites the confidence to create real, long lasting change. 

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AKA all the good stuff that propels you to the next level of your life. If you just haven't been putting in the work or you're doing the work and still feeling stuck, anxious and stressed. Well, I'm here as your guardian angel. Let's do this together and create some real long-lasting change.

We do this using PSYCH-K®, Mentoring, Spiritual Inquiry, Accountability, and practical tools to help you learn Self-regulation.


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Change the way you think and feel on a subconscious level. These 1:1 coaching sessions help you identify where you're limiting yourself and not living up to your true potential. You will learn how to overcome those big obstacles in your life. Transforming your beliefs, habits and behaviours with subconscious reprogramming, self-regulation practices and guidance that will move you towards great change. 

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Are you new to PSYCH-K? Have you fallen in love with it and completed all the workshops but still don't know how to create a business around it or how to find your unique flow when working with clients. This mentorship will help you gain the confidence to really find your flow when working with clients and understand how to create real, long-lasting change in their lives.

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It's about time I started gathering in person and creating joy with like-minded women. I couldn't be more excited about what's to come this year. Whether you are joining for our Winter Retreat in July or wanting to try out our immersions starting in May. I have the most intentionally curated experiences waiting for you to dive into... These experiences have been created for you, the woman who needs a break from the chaos of life, to be held for a moment. This is time and space just for you. 




Ingrid, MALTA

"Only 7 days have passed since our first PSYCH-K session but you've done something to me and my life that I will never be able to thank you for! How on earth do you do this? People constanly taking vacations in hopes of relaxing to get away from their worries but when they return home nothing's changed. I wish they could take a vacation with your program. Pay for a one time life's changing experience."

Private Client, Actor LA

"Alison is such a bright light and helped me transmute so many stuck emotions that were holding me back. Our sessions are always fun and fascinating but mostly, transformative. I’m so grateful for finding Alison and this life-changing modality. She’s an emotional alchemist."

Kaitlyn, NZ

"I have experienced Alison's healing work and have had incredible breakthroughs. I am currently living the exact life I desired for myself, without all those limiting beliefs. I feel ornate and am so happy experiencing my dream self, it is such a gift! Alison encouraged me to REALLY find what I wanted and it took some massive shifts. I have grown more in the last 5 months than I have my whole life. I forgive my past, thank you angel."

Cristina, Photographer & Alchemist, PARIS 

"Our conversation has transformed my days and mindset. I'm so in awe that such a simple practice and truth can have such a beautiful impact on my being. Love you big, thank you for bringing this magic and clarity into my life."

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As a new PSYCH-K®️ facilitator, it’s been an absolute gift to have Ali by my side as I guide my first clients through their sessions. Ali knows exactly when to offer guidance on where to potentially take the session and when to gently make space for my own coaching as I lead my client through balances and action steps. The mentorship I have received from Ali has not only given me a strong foundation and sense of confidence and excitement for where my PSYCH-K®️ career will take me, but has also filled my journey with immense laughter, love and compassion — both for myself and my clients. It takes time, commitment and belief in one’s own vision and abilities as a PSYCH-K®️ facilitator to create the business of our dreams and having Ali as an irreplaceable guiding light on this path has lit the most beautiful fire within me to continue spreading this life-changing process with the women I am fortunate enough to work with. I recommend Ali’s mentorship with my whole heart — improving our roles as facilitators is the greatest gift we can offer our clients and I couldn’t think of a more thoughtful, present, and business-savvy mentor than Ali to support me in mastering mine.

Cristina Baussan, Paris 

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There are so many things in this life that make my heart skip a beat. But if I can only share a few things it's this..... I am a complete and total lover of nature and living quietly. I deeply adore my connections in life, both friends and family who fill my cup up daily. My pooch is my bestest friend and I am in a beautiful relationship that constantly shines the light on where I need to dig deep, let go and evolve. I have experienced a lot in my short time on this earth and it's what has built me into the woman I am proud to be today. I love my life and I'm so immensely grateful for each and every day I get to wake up and take a breath. Remember, each day we wake up is a true blessing and through this gift we have the opportunity for great change!

Mind Enthusiast, PSYCH-K® aficionado, & lover of life!


How PSYCH-K® works 

PSYCH-K® is a form of energy psychology which works as an accelerated reprogramming of the subconscious mind to help remove stress and limiting beliefs. It can create monumental change at the subconscious level which is where 95% of your consciousness operates.

This process uses 'brain dominance theory' as a way of activating both hemispheres of the brain. When right and left hemispheres of the brain are in concurrent communication, the attributes of both hemispheres are available to really expand your full potential. If you are feeling confused, apprehensive or blocked in any area of your life, PSYCH-K® will help to clear stress around these situations.

The outcome being the ability to view things from an elevated state and become aware of solutions previously invisible to you. PSYCH-K® is for anyone looking for deep transformational growth in all aspects of their life, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

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