A simple way to take control of your life and create a whole new you



A simple way to take control of your life and create a whole new you


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Change the way you think and feel on a subconscious level. These 1:1 coaching sessions help you identify where you're limiting yourself and not living up to your true potential. You will learn how to overcome those big obstacles in your life. Transforming your beliefs, habits and behaviours with subconscious reprogramming, self-regulation practices and guidance that will move you towards great change. 

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Are you new to PSYCH-K? Have you fallen in love with it and completed all the workshops but still don't know how to create a business around it or how to find your unique flow when working with clients. This mentorship will help you gain the confidence to really find your flow when working with clients and understand how to create real, long-lasting change in their lives.

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The Alchemy of You is a 3 month exploration designed to focus on your healing holistically. You will learn how to understand and notice a negative mindset, change limiting beliefs, and release stored stress in the body. This 12 week package will give you the time and space to really understand your subconscious programming  and will help you regain a healthy mindset about yourself and the world around you. 




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Healing is Creating. Creating is understanding that you are whole. Accessing your wholeness gives you the opportunity to create a new life, a new story and a new you. This is your solution, your revolutionary act that will impact your life for the better.

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You are not broken. There is nothing inherently wrong with you. I want you to change the way you see healing, see it as a new beginning. A way to create a new life, a new you. When we thinking about healing it's often met with the belief that we need to be 'fixed' because we are broken. 

Natalie, Abu Dhabi

Meeting Alison was such a blessing in my life. Not only did she help me turn my life around dramatically by being the greatest coach and mentor, but she is someone I now call a friend and family. Honestly, there are not enough words that can express how much I love and truly appreciate this woman. She took me from my darkest times to my brightest days and continues to do so. Her energy, her love, her guidance, her knowledge, and her humor have had a huge impact on my life. Best of all I fell in love with psych-k and no one does it better than Alison. I’ve transformed my beliefs, fears, and traumas with Alison’s psych-k coaching and haven’t looked back. I seriously hit the jackpot with the best coach/mentor ever.

Fan Hong, Stylist, London 

It was so beautiful going through this healing journey with you Alison. Thank you for helping me deal with life and restoring my faith in therapy (where previously it had only been bad experiences). 
I didn’t know what to expect going in, but each session has been different and so transformative. And I’ve learnt so much about myself, and what I need to work on. You’ve made working through trauma fun, which is a skill in itself. I just want to bathe in white light all the time now!

Lina Noory, Influencer, LA

Where do I even begin... when I first met Alison I was in one of the most difficult places of my life. At times I felt like I was drowning in fear and sadness, and I never understood the true meaning of self-love. At different points in your journey the universe will send you guides — beautiful souls who are there to guide you on your journey back to yourself. Not only did she hold space for me to feel and release the pain I was holding, but she also taught me how to hold space for others. She helped me peel back all the layers that had hardened me, and she was so incredibly patient and loving. I’ll forever be grateful to her as she was a crucial part or my growth and journey back to myself.

Ebony King, Senior Policy Officer, Australia

Alison is the most incredibly warm, gentle, loving, calm and kind woman who has had such a positive influence in my life. During one Yoga Nidra session in particular, I had a breakthrough that has really helped me work through some difficult experiences and move me onto a better path. The sessions felt like a delicious treat and the community of women a warm and supportive hug. Thank you Alison, you're an angel!

Private Client, LA

I would like to say that I've had one of the happiest days yesterday for a looooong time. I felt my brain is finally back in it's place. I struggled for years of loosing my brain power and it has really affected me. The past two days all sorts of miracles have happened both in work and my personal life. Nothing short of a magical course. I am very thankful! I am forever grateful Alison.

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How many of you have wanted to know what PSYCH-K actually means? 
In this blog, I move through what PSYCH-K means and why you should curious of its magic.....



As I search for a deeper sense of compassion, this statement keeps coming up for me... 'Your liberation will create turmoil for those who aren't yet ready to free themselves' 





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There are so many things in this life that make my heart skip a beat. But if I can only share a few things it's this..... I am a complete and total lover of nature and living quietly. I deeply adore my connections in life, both friends and family who fill my cup up daily. My pooch is my bestest friend and I am in a beautiful relationship that constantly shines the light on where I need to dig deep, let go and evolve. I have experienced a lot in my short time on this earth and it's what has built me into the woman I am proud to be today. I love my life and I'm so immensely grateful for each and every day I get to wake up and take a breath. Remember, each day we wake up is a true blessing and through this gift we have the opportunity for great change!

Mind Enthusiast, PSYCH-K® aficionado, & lover of life!